Jumat, 27 Juli 2012

Kate Middleton Steps Out In Olympic - Themed Ensemble.

Kate Middleton stopped by London’s National Portrait Gallery this morning in a blue Stella McCartney shift dress and a fancy Cartier necklace. Kate looked fantastic. Then again, girl could make a paper bag look good.

The Duchess was checking out the “Road To 2012: Aiming High” exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, a three-year photography project that highlights the athletes and organizers of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The best part about Kate’s outfit (besides that fact that it’s Kate’s outfit) was the subtle Olympic theme. The blue hue is similar to the shade that McCartney used in the British Olympic team’s uniforms and the circular Cartier pendant resembles the five-ring logo of the Games. That Kate is just so considerate to pair her outfits to the occasion!

Interestingly, Grazia points out that the Cartier necklace costs £49,000, or around $65,910. The bauble was most likely paid for by Prince Charles, but that’s still a lot of money! The French jewelry company didn’t lend the necklace to Kate, and Clarence House hasn’t confirmed if it’s indeed a Cartier piece. But it’s also possible that Kate just went to Topshop or Accessorize for a knockoff. She’s worn cubic zirconia earrings for a big event before, so we won’t be totally surprised if she did.

The style suits Kate perfectly, and perhaps I’ve got the wrong idea what with her wearing all this high-street fashion – after all she is a future Queen of England – I guess I’d just like to see her taking a few more risks with the money instead of playing it so safe all the time!

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