Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Found figure of Lady Diana in Kate Middleton.

One of the female figure that I admire is Lady Diana. She is the woman that is able to exude charm and elegance themselves very well and naturally, regardless of the royal status. I think not only me but also many people around the world who feel lost when he was killed in an accident almost 16 years ago.

But it seems likely since two years ago, the graceful female figure again present a new member of the royal Buckingham. The figure of Kate Middleton is expected to follow in the footsteps of Lady Diana to be a princess love everyone. And she did not deny it inherits the elegance of mother-in-law. But it seems the more days I realized not only be inherited elegance of Lady Diana and Kate Middleton. 

In fact, there are things I like about Lady Diana in Kate Middleton.

The elegance of a princess. As I mentioned above, elegance inherited by Lady Diana and Kate Middleton is reflected in their day-to-day. Though they did not come from a royal family, but it seems the elegance it has become part of them. In fact it looks like they were born to be a princess.

Hairstyle is always a new trend. Although Lady Diana blonde hair color and the color of her hair brown, but they are both always come up with stylish hairstyle and a new trend for women around the world.When Lady Di hair style once he became an idol and emulated by his mother and aunt we used to be, now the way she wore her hair simple and took care to make it look healthy and shiny inspire many people.

Genuine social conscience. Kate Middleton was followed Lady Di in the social field. Since officially became the wife of Prince William, he was always active in many social activities and social visits. It reminds us of the figure of Lady Di  loved by everyone.

All the famous and prominent definitely want a loving figure. How people show humanisnya side may be different, but the sincerity of someone that will shine from within. And I think these women have a social life to help others who are very sincere.

Confident but still humble. It was originally known as the Lady Diana shy figure, but over time became the wife of Prince Charles, his confidence was more mature. 

For Kate Middleton, since the beginning of the media attention on him when he was spoken for Prince William, his confidence was visible. Although initially process a little differently, but the self-confidence as she struck me on both. But every day I still feel these women remain understated and stepping on the earth. Never overdone, and create negative controversy. They are always inspiring.

Being a fashion icon. Look stylish in any event is one of the charms of Lady Diana. Kate Middleton proved to have a good sense of fashion. All the choices are always right and the trend followed by the women, so no wonder these women are considered as a fashion icon.

Amazingly, she did not have to feel the need to compete with Lady Diana. This is evident from the choice of wedding dress that still looks glamorous yet contemporary and simple. He felt no need to compete with dozens of meters of the tail wedding dress belongs to Diana that it will invite admiration and quite the trend in the 'era'.

A charming smile. Lady Diana saw that beautiful smile, success always makes us smile. In fact, pretty smile was owned by Kate Middleton. Very rarely see them smiling or frowning sourly when caught by the paparazzi photos from around the world. Even in tabloid cheap too, their faces always decorated a charming smile.

It has a great interest in the art world. Lady Diana had a great interest in the art world, she is known to play the piano fluently. She also has the desire to be a ballerina, but grew too tall for his dream finally can not continue.

Love of the arts is also owned by Kate Middleton. In contrast to Lady Diana heavier in the music world, she likes photography. He even had time to take a photography course with a famous photographer who often photographed Lady Diana. Any woman who has always had an interest in his life and live and deepen their interest seriously making just amazed and inspired. And it seems I'm not the only one who feels this way.

But of all this, Diana... remains Diana and Kate just a Kate, they can never be compared. because each has its own uniqueness. For me, Diana was with all the memories and Kate Middleton comes with its own efforts to build his image. The similarities between them still have a difference .....

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