Selasa, 08 April 2014

Kate and Prince George's Plunket Play Date

On Wednesday afternoon, Prince George attended his first official engagement, a play date with 10 other babies his age. The event, held at Government House in Wellington, was organized by Plunket New Zealand.

Plunket is New Zealand's largest provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under the age of 5. Plunket works together with families and communities to ensure the best start for every child.

Look at that adoring look from his Dad!! Priceless!

i Love u... mom!
 ....with that much love there is no other way. he will grow a good man.

what a lovely baby just like his dad...

oh.. two little teeth, and he is so like his Daddy at that age and also like grandad Charles.

oh so cute..

The most beautiful moment... Lovely
I love how she doesn't care that he is pulling her hair (mom & son)

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