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Every Royal Bride Has a Sprig of This 1 Flower in Her Bouquet

Spring is well and truly sprung! So what better way to celebrate than by taking a look at all of the royal family's favorite flowers. Which ones have a special meaning for Prince Harry? Which blooms does the queen have on her desk? And what was the secret meaning behind Kate's bridal bouquet? From blossom-drenched weddings to private palace gardens and poignant plantings to meaningful decades-long passion projects, we've rounded up all the royal flower inspiration you'll ever need.

Royal Homes: Sandringham House
A host of golden daffodils at the queen's Norfolk home.

Getting Personal: William and Kate

When William and Kate visited Singapore for the first time, their very first engagement was to visit the Botanical Gardens, where an orchid had been named after them. They also viewed an orchid, which had been named after William's mother, Princess Diana.

Wedding Flowers: Kate Middleton

The theme of Kate and William's wedding was The Language of Flowers — a Victorian practice where different blooms were each given their own unique meaning so that coded nosegays could be exchanged between courting couples. The bride's small shield-shaped bouquet contained lily of the valley (symbolizing a return to happiness), hyacinths (constancy), and ivy (fidelity) as well as Sweet William in tribute to her groom. Meanwhile the four countries that make up the UK were all represented in the lace of her dress, with roses for England, thistles for Scotland, daffodils for Wales, and shamrocks for Northern Ireland.

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