Minggu, 27 Mei 2012

Madly In Love Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Romantic Nights At Home.

After six weeks apart while Prince William was on duty in the Falkland Islands, he and Kate are desperate for alone time.

Even though it’s only been one year since Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, Prince Harry joked that the newlyweds have become decidedly middle-aged, even dull.

“William doesn’t really go out any more and Kate never did,” a source tells the Daily Mail. “They are both just happy at home eating home-cooked suppers, curled up on the sofa watching movies.”

While the royal couple could choose to reside in a London palace and have a full staff at their disposal, the low-key lovebirds prefer to live life below the radar in their five-bedroom cottage in rural Anglesey. “They love to walk and dine alfresco, often using the sausage maker Kate bought William two summers ago,” reports the Daily Mail. “They enjoy DVD box sets, and Kate has the latest series of acclaimed Danish crime drama The Killing lined up for their next sofa session.”

While friends of the couple may laugh about the couple’s middle-aged ways, William and Kate know that their quiet lifestyle is only temporary. After the couple married, the Queen agreed to give them a two-year grace period to live how they please before they move into the late Princess Margaret’s home at Kensington Palace, where they will raise their family. Then, William will have to decide whether to stay in the Royal Air Force or live a life of Royal obligation.

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