Minggu, 27 Mei 2012

Prince William Worried He Couldn’t Be Faithful To Kate Middleton.

A palace-approved tell-all reveals that William originally feared he couldn’t be monogamous with Kate Middleton.

We think the Duke of Cambridge has been watching too many episodes of Sister Wives! In Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King, one of Prince William‘s biggest fears about marriage is unveiled: staying faithful to Kate Middleton!

During their nearly 10-year courtship, the prince “had very real worries about whether it was possible to love just one woman,” writes royal insider, Penny Junor. Even worse, the explosive tell-all makes makes Kate appear desperate, stating that the couple split in 2007 because “Kate had always wanted rather more commitment than he was prepared to give.”

According to Penny, the prince allowed his staff to be interviewed for the book, an approval that even she found odd. “It’s very unusual for the prince’s household to speak to a biographer like me,” she tells In Touch. “But Prince William gave them his permission.”

Various insults are scattered throughout revealing publication and are mostly directed towards the future Queen of England. The book claims that Kate had “unwashed hair, no makeup and grubby jeans” when she first met William and that his friends found her cold, dull and serious. Ouch!

William had no idea that his wife of only a year would be so viciously attacked in the writings and has been desperately apologizing for endorsing its publication. “He is being very supportive, and trying to make Kate laugh about things,” says an insider. “The whole point of the book was that she was a normal girl, but she’s turned into a great beauty with a husband who loves her.”


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