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Friendship Kate Middleton and Prince Harry.

Nine-year love affair with Prince William, Kate Middleton was not only familiar with her lover (now husband), but also with his brother, Prince Harry. On many occasions, they are often seen chatting fun and joking.

Kate and Harry was trending topic on Twitter at Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the UK broadcast live and the camera captures images both of them were having a joke on the balcony.

See, even William just seemed curious about what is being talked about his wife and his brother.

I wonder what it is, who is appointed by Harry and Kate?

Began dating William since 2003, she had been instantly familiar to Harry.

Couple William and Kate were a few times going out invites Harry. This photo while watching the three of them friendly soccer match between Italy against England.

Responding to his brother's wedding with Kate Middleton in April 2011, Harry had said, "I always wanted to have a sister. Now I've had it."

Compared to the taciturn William, Harry is more spontaneous and active, so the favorite cameraman. Harry nature is similar to Kate Middleton who is more relaxed in front of the camera.

Another proof of their familiarity? After marriage, William and Kate live in Kensington Palace. Not alone, but also with Harry.

With a flurry of Prince William at formal royal occasions, she does often spend time interacting with his brother-in-law

But for other matters concerning the affairs of men, like Harry still choose other companions: his own brother.

Hope... Marriage of Kate and William may increase cohesiveness between William and Harry, and a royal family happiness.
I love to see this compactness.

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