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Kate Should Knee Bend In front of The Princess Royal.

Protocol: The Duchess of Cambridge curtsies as she and her husband Prince William bid farewell to the Queen during a visit to Vernon Park in Nottingham

LONDON, RIMANEWS - Kate Middleton is the title Duchess of Cambridge may be the future queen of England, but new rules of protocol British royal family ordered him to bend the knee before the princess / kingdom.

Order of Precedence of the rules of protocol that the British royal family has been updated and approved by Queen Elizabeth, and the Royal Household issued and must be adhered to all members of the royal family. There are so many blue-blooded daughter of the British royal family. Because she came from among the common people, he must show respect to the princess. Order of Precedence clarify that when Kate Middleton is not being shared with Prince William, so he must bend the knee to the princess met.

They are the Princess Alexandra (cousin of Queen Elizabeth), Miss Duke of York, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie (the daughters of the Duke of York). But when Kate with William, Kate does not need to bend the knee, but he'll have to bend the knee to the Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duchess and Duke of Edinburgh. However, according to the latest protocol, Kate Middleton is still ahead of Sophie (Countess of Wessex), because even though Sophie is married with a son of the Queen, the Countess of Wessex have to curtsy to her even though William was not with him, and both have to curtsy to Princess Catherine.

A retainer of the United Kingdom revealed that renewal of the Order of Precedence has been a problem after the Prince of Wales married to Camila Parker Bowles. Rules of the new protocol was circulated in a closed session for the royal household. The last time the rules were updated after the second wedding of Prince Charles in 2005. Countess of Wessex reportedly angry that she should curtsy to Camilla. "He's a bit like the rule," said an official with the United Kingdom. 

Meanwhile, The Earl of Wessex, wife of Prince Edward, who had become the second highest ranking female royal family as none other than Queen's sons Prince Charles and Andrew are getting married. But after Prince Charles to marry again, the Queen changed the Order of Precedence over the principle of royal blood, so the Princess Anne or Princess Alexandra, granddaughter of George V, have to curtsy to Camilla when her husband was not with him. Although the etiquette of the royal family seem difficult to understand, but seriously stick to the royal family.Each member of the kingdom must respect each other in public and in private.  

Seriousness of implementing this new rule looks at Trooping the Colour ceremony last week, where she looks to bend the knee at the Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace balcony. Order of Precedence is affecting other aspects of royal protocol, including about who should arrive first at an event. For example, Camilla was forced to wait outside the Guards Chapel, Windsor, drizzling rain, to await the arrival of Princess Anne at a ceremony in 2006, because Charles did not accompany him. 

Observers argue that the Duchess of Cambridge is not too concerned about the latest protocol for the royal household, because she wanted to please everyone in the family empire. (Mrhill / Kosin)

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