Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

Kate Middleton happy to breastfeed Prince George.

Kate Middleton to follow other mothers who choose to breastfeed the newborn. Kate breastfeeding her baby, Prince George Alexander Louis, which is known to quite often ask for milk.

"Prince George has a good appetite. Baby boy he is very hungry," said a source in the British Empire in the Sunday Mirror.

According to the source, Kate initially breastfeeding difficulties when learning the prince. But after practicing and assisted nurses, Duchess of Cambridge can comfortably give breast milk to babies born on Monday (07/22/2013) it.

"My knowledge, she is now feeling very relaxed and Prince George just like any other baby. Satiety and He never really know when it was hungry, he would cry," said another source.

Kate looks upon leaving Kensington Palace on Wednesday (07/24/2013) and then prove that he is indeed the prince breastfeeding. Prince William's wife wearing special clothing brand feeding of pregnant and lactating mothers, Seraphine.

Fashion blue flowers that she used it immediately sold on the online shopping site Seraphine. In just a few hours after her worn, the dress sold out. Now, to buy clothes that breastfeeding should be a waiting list for a month.

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