Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

Kate Middleton's Beauty Ritual After Childbirth.

BESIDES being best-dressed woman, Kate Middleton has also been named as the woman with natural beauty. This is because the wife of Prince William is keeping it properly. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton began to undergo a thorough body treatments to restore her beauty empire after baby George Alexander Louis, last week. Britain's royal queen candidates reportedly make efforts so charming appearance back.

Quoted from Female, Kate also wore a special lotion, to overcome the red spots appear on the skin that often new mothers. No wonder if, while showing off his new son, Kate looks very shining. Kate uses seaweed and mushrooms for a facial. Of course this is not a common type of treatment to be done.

Renowned cosmetic products before they hit the market until the middle of the reported Prince William's wife tested. One is Dreamtone lotion Lancome output. Product cost £ 70 per bottle, equivalent to Rp 1.1 million, he used to rejuvenate the skin due to the drugs during childbirth.

Products made for 7 years by the French team of scientists, claimed to remove spots on the skin of users. The result, according to entertainment website femalefirst Thursday (1/8), 31-year-old woman looks gorgeous with a shining face as he left the hospital on 23 July.

In addition to the face, she also looked shiny hair then. This is because women titled Duchess of Cambridge is to use hair care products with organic oil content.

Kate treat dry hair so as not to easily fall out. To maintain the beauty of hair brunetnya, Kate rely on Dove Hair Care Pure Oil. Products cost £ 9.99 (Rp160 thousand) per 100 ml claimed to contain potent organic oils nourish hair. So, the hair will look more lush and lustrous. (pre / JPNN)

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