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Kate Middleton Make Queen Elizabeth Crying

William and Kate have been preparing for the name of the second child.

Kate Middleton is pregnant second child. Reportedly, she was pregnant with a baby female. Kate and Prince William was busy finding the appropriate name for the second child.

However, the name of the second child of Kate and William make Queen Elizabeth II in tears. Why?

According to Star magazine reports, William and Kate agreed to name candidates to her second child, with the name Margaret. The name was taken from the name of the sister of Queen Elizabeth.

"Queen immediately shed tears when Kate and William said he would give his name Margaret," said the source.

Queen Elizabeth is said to increasingly touched, when William and Kate mentions her full name candidates.

"William and Kate will give the name of his daughter Margaret Elizabeth. And the Queen was more touched," said another source.

Meanwhile, her family was preparing to hold a baby shower. The event will be dominated by all-pink color. "The queen has been storing jewelry and heirlooms to the daughter of William and Kate," he said.

For the problem of the name of the second child of William and Kate, there has been no confirmation of any of the representatives of the British Royal family. (art)

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