Rabu, 12 September 2012

The Duke of Cambridge and Catherine and The Duchess of Cambridge on the second day in Singapore.

Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge on the second day in Singapore on their tour of South-East Asia as part of the Diamond Jubilee Year attend a reception at the British High Commission at Eden Hall, Singapore.

The Duke of Cambridge watches his wife adoringly as she signs a guest book at a reception at Eden Hall, Singapore, after the couple have spent a day touring the country.

In the steamy Singapore heat, it seems the Royal couple decided to have a dry night and forgo the champagne. But their clinking of glasses topped with water, may fuel speculation that if Kate is not already pregnant, she and William might be trying for a baby. William earlier revealed the couple's plans to start a family - by saying he wanted two children - after being quizzed by a plucky youngster.

Catherine seemed more than happy drinking her glass of water.

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