Rabu, 27 November 2013

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Wear J.Crew on the Cover of Bloomberg Businessweek

The United States is turning the tables on Britain and invading, well, the fashion world, that is.

To highlight J.Crew's opening of its first European flagship earlier this month, Bloomberg Businessweek wrote a cover story on the all-American retailer landing in London. And they presented it to the public in the most royally awesome way: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge "wearing" flannel and chinos. 

Don't be fooled by the magazine's impressive use of Photoshop, because the heirs to the throne are not actually wearing the casual duds ... yet. J.Crew styles are certainly approved by the U.S.'s closest version of a queen, First Lady Michelle Obama. And considering the Duke and Duchess both have that laid-back quality but still manage to look super classy all the time — channeling a sense of style that J.Crew is famous for — I predict it's only a matter of time before the pair is seen in real-life looking like catalog models.

Nevertheless, until you can say, "Kate Middleton and I were wearing the same sequin tee today," or "My boyfriend looks just as good in that cashmere sweater that Prince William was wearing when he saved the world," feast your eyes on these images for some laughs and fashion inspiration.

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